About Us

A Little History, A Lot of Future

The Trusted Table was a farm-to-table delivery service ideated and run by Oxen, a food innovation group. During a nearly four year period, we worked to develop relationships with sustainable farms. In the course of our dealings, we realized that many farms weren't as advertised - some were supposedly sustainable yet they engaged in unethical practices. Others simply farmed poorly and irresponsibly. Our early phases saw rapid growth but as our orders grew, so too did our awareness of what constituted a "good" farm. So we made a decision to prize ethics over growth, shifting our focus to developing a metric that would allow us to find beyond organic farms and score their practices based on studies and metrics, not conjecture.

In 2014 as we prepared to relaunch The Trusted Table, it became clear to us that the metric held more transformative power than the delivery side of things. So we made the bittersweet decision to shut our baby down. Fortunately, Four Factor Grown (the metric we developed) allows us to work with the farms we deeply respect. And Agro Acres, our edible landscaping venture, allows us to grow food in the yards of the customers we so deeply cherish. So if you've happened upon this page looking for incredible food, know that we're doing the same exact thing, albeit in a new and different ways.

What We're Up To

The Best Farms, Still Within Reach: If you see a farm flying the Four Factor Grown flag, you can be sure that they farm beyond organic, and they farm in a way that respects workers, the planet, animals, and your body.

The Best Food, Outside Your Door: Agro Acres is a new breed of landscaping company that places food at the center of its services. We grow for homes and businesses using Four Factor principles and we care for lawns using fully electric equipment.

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